Welcome to Beijing Lyrics - English Translation of Official Song of 2008 Olympics

Welcome to Beijing, sometimes translated as Beijing Welcomes You is a theme song for the 2008 Summer Olympics in China. The song was written by Hong Kong lyricist Lam Jik and features 100 all star Chinese artists, actors and singers, including Hollywood movie star Jackie Chan.
Other Chinese artists appearing in the Welcome to Beijing Video include Karen Mok, Richie Ren, Stefanie Sun, Nicholas Tse, Emil Chou, Joey Yung, Jolin Tsai, Hangeng, Wang Lee Hom, Kenji Wu, JJ Lin, Chris Li, Huang Da Wei, Huang Xiao Ming, Chen Kun, Lin Ci Ling, Vivian Hsu, Ah Du, Fan Wei Qi, Anson Hu, and more.
The lyrics of Welcome to Beijing encourage unity and invite everyone to chinese website translation come and visit China, experience its rich history and hospitable people and enjoy the stay with friends. The song has catchy, unobtrusive melody that touches one's heart and is sure to make you hum it for the rest of the day.
English translation of Welcome to Beijing's lyrics along with Pinyin transcript (not using Chinese characters) is provided below:
Let’s embrace another morning and enjoy its ever new air.
Ying jie ling yi ge chen xi, dai lai quan xin kong qi.
With the fragrance of tea, it smells different. But it feels great, full of friendship.
Qi xi gai bian qing wei bu bian, cha xiang tiao man qing yi.
Our door is always open. We are waiting for you open-armed.
Wo jia da men chang da kai, kai fang huai bao deng ni.
After a big hug, you'll feel close with us. And surely you will love this place.
Yong bao guo jiu you le mo qi, ni jiu hui ai shang zhe li.
Our guests, no matter where you come from, please feel at home.
Bu guan yuan jin dou shi ke ren, qing bu yong ke qi.
We promised to get together here. So welcome!
Xiang yue hao le zai yi qi, wo men huan ying ni.
We cultivate Chinese evergreen in the garden. All the time, it is producing a new legend.
Wo jia zhong zhe wan nian qing, kai fang mei duan chuan qi.
In the soil rich in traditions, we plant. Hope everything we plant here leaves you a great experience.
Wei chuan tong de tu rang bo zhong, wei ni liu xia hui yi.
Our guests, no matter we've met before or not, please feel at ease.
Mo sheng shu xi dou shi ke ren, qing bu yong ju li.
Even if you have been here for many times, you won't feel bored 'cause we have vast new things for you.
Di ji ci lai mei guan xi, you tai duo hua ti.
Welcome to Beijing; we've done a lot for your visit.
Bei jing huan ying ni, wei ni kai tian bi di.
Its charm in ever changing is full of life.
Liu dong zhong de mei li, chong man zhe chao qi.
Welcome to Beijing; let's breathe together in the sunshine.
Bei jing huan ying ni, zai tai yang xia fen xiang hu xi.
Let's establish new records here in China.
Zai huang tu di shua xin cheng ji.
Our door is always open. We are open armed, ready to embrace the world.
Wo jia da men chang da kai, kai huai rong na tian di.
5000-year-old China is flashing a youthful smile, waiting for the day.
Sui yue zhan fang qing chun xiao rong, huan jie zhe ge re qi.
Our guests, no matter where you come from, please feel at home.
Tian da di da dou shi peng you, qing bu yong ke qi.
We paint pictures and write poems to express the joy for your coming.
Hua yi shi yi dai xiao yi, zhi wei deng dai ni.
Welcome to Beijing; like moving music, our hospitality will warm your heart.
Bei jing huan ying ni, xiang ying yue gan dong ni.
Let's try to challenge ourselves.
Rang wo men dou jia you qu chao yue zi ji.
Welcome to Beijing; people who have dreams are all bravo.
Bei jing huan ying ni, you meng xiang shei dou liao bu qi.
If only you keep the courage, miracles will happen.
You yong qi jiu hui you qi ji.
Welcome to Beijing; we've done a lot for your visit.
Bei jing huan ying ni, wei ni kai tian bi di.
Its charm in ever changing is full of life.
Liu dong zhong de mei li, chong man zhe chao qi.
Welcome to Beijing; let's breathe together in the sunshine.
Bei jing huan ying ni, zai tai yang xia fen xiang hu xi.
Let's establish new records here in China.
Zai huang tu di shua xin cheng ji.
Our door is always open. We are waiting for you open-armed.
Wo jia da men chang da kai, kai fang huai bao deng ni.
After a big hug, you'll feel close with us. And surely you will love this place.
Yong bao guo jiu you le mo qi, ni jiu hui ai shang zhe li.
Our guests, no matter where you come from, please feel at home.
Bu guan yuan jin dou shi ke ren, qing bu yong ke qi.
We promised to get together here. So welcome!  From: http://www.chinatranslation.net/defaulten.asp
Xiang yue hao le zai yi qi, wo men huan ying ni.

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