How to Transfer Data to iPhone 6/6 Plus

Here you can get the step-by-step instructions on how to transfer data from an old iPhone to the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. the first method is using iTunes, the second one is using iCloud, and the third option is using an iOS contsnts manager - AnyTrans. Now follow the guide to get the solutions
Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 6 (Plus) via iTunes
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Step 1. Make a backup for your old iPhone via iTunes.
Step 2. Turn off your old iPhone. Because it'll cause conflicts with backups in iCloud.
Step 3. Turn on your iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus to set up your iPhone and tap on Restore from iTunes Backup.
Step 4. Connect your iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus to iTunes on the computer, which you used to backup your old iPhone.
Step 5. iTunes will ask you to restore from backup or set up as new. Select the latest backup of your old device and choose Continue (Ensure that iTunes is showing you the latest backup of your old iPhone).
Step 6. When the restore process is complete, your new iPhone will restart. Then it will be ready for use.
Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 6 (Plus) via iCloud
Step 1. Make a backup for your old iPhone via iCloud even iCloud backs up your iPhone once a day if you turn the iCloud on.
Step 2. Turn off your old iPhone. Because it'll cause conflicts with backups in iCloud.
Step 3. Turn on your iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus to set up your iPhone and tap on Restore from iCloud Backup.
Step 4. You'll see a list of backups. Select the latest backup of your old device and tap Restore, and wait until the device has finished restoring from the iCloud backup.
Step 5. When the restore process is complete, your iPhone will restart.
Note: Restoring from the iTunes or iCloud backup can be a time consuming process and depends on the amount of data contained in the backup and on the speed of your Internet connection.
Transfer/Move Data from Computer to New iPhone 6 (Plus)
If you've backed up your data on your computer before, like photos, music, apps, contacts, messages, notes, calendars and more, you can directly transfer them from backup on your computer to your new iPhone 6 (Plus). Here's the specific tutorial.
Step 1. Download AnyTrans and launch it > Then connect your iPhone 6 (Plus) to computer.
Step 2. Tap Add Content Button > Choose data types you want to transfer to iPhone 6 (Plus). Here, we set the photos as example.
Step 3. Choose Photos or pictures on your computer and click Open. And AnyTrans will do the left task for you.

Some of the Coolest iPhone 6 Accessories That Stand Out As Fancy Gadgets For Your Newly Bought iPhone 6

Undoubtedly, the latest IPHONE 6 SHOCKPROOF CASE release from Apple stands out from the previous ones because of the look and feel which is a lot different from what it used to be. The new model is both larger is size and thin too that makes it look even more classy than its contemporaries. Now, to make the most out of this new buy, what you need is a whole bunch of fancy gadgets that can beautifully accessorize your iPhone 6. Be it phone cases or chargers, the world of iPhone 6 Accessories is already blooming with a lot of new trends and innovations.
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Here's a look at some of the amazing iPhone 6 Accessories that have been released recently for taking your iPhone experience to a whole new level altogether. A list that showcases some of the Fancy Gadgets from the mobile world:
Radius V2 for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
Unlike most of the bulky phone cases you've seen till now, the Radius V2 for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus looks different and is no bigger than the sleep and volume buttons on the sides of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It's neither a bumper case nor a snap case – The Radius V2 has been designed to safeguard your iPhone without standing out as a bulky mobile case.
Carbon Fiber iIPAD 4 CASE  Wrap
They come with the usability of vinyl, the look and feel of which has been inspired from carbon fiber. The state-of-the-art material and adhesive used behind the making of the wrap makes it easily removable and reusable thus giving you the opportunity to change the style of your phone wrap as and when preferred.
Supcase iPhone 6 Case
Flaunting a sporty design and quality protection features, the SUPCASE has been designed especially for your iPhone 6. It comes in a variety of colors and has a snap-on cover to make the installation process easy and hassle free. The construction is of high-grade soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and hard polycarbonate (PC) materials.
iPhone 6 Case – 100% Wool Felt, Vegetable Tanned Leather
100% pure Merino wool felt, 100% vegetable tanned leather - This case has been designed to protect your smartphone against scratches. Easy to charge without taking the iPhone 6 out of the case. The KINGSTON has a slim-fit design and rounded corners for a comfortable pocket comfort.
iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protector
It's explosion-proof, shock-proof, pressure-resistant and comes with anti-scratch functions that can safeguard your iPhone 6 Plus screen from any outside damage. Since it's made of nano chemical materials, the comfortability one feels when using the screen still remains the same. Fancy Gadget for your iPhone 6.
CLIC Wooden iPhone 6 Case
Each case is handmade from solid cherry wood, providing a unique grain. 3 Good Reasons To Protect Your iPhone With A CLIC Wooden: Crafted from sustainable American cherry wood, sanded by hand, and precisely engineered to fit your iPhone 6 perfectly.
Spool Dock
Crafted in the USA from sustainable North American white oak, merino wool felt and a weighty metal base, Spool Dock is a sophisticated, contemporary charging dock for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5s, 5c, as well as the iPad mini and 5th generation iPod touch. Unlike most other docks, Spool Dock also functions as a cable manager and allows users to swivel docked devices with the touch of a finger.
Mighty Phone Fold Wallet by HardGraft
Skilled craftsmen from the HardGraft team brings a sheer masterpiece in the form of this Mighty Phone Fold Wallet once again. Combining the uniqueness of a wallet and phone case, the handcrafted beauty is a perfect organizer for all daily necessities to stay in place. This includes 6 dedicated card slots and place to store your cash with special storage available for your iPhones.
iPhone 6 Spinn Case
With the iPhone 6 being bigger and better, it's now important to think of a case such as this iPhone 6 Spinn Case which acts as another pocket for your phone in the form of a beautiful iPhone 6 Accessory. It can clip or unclip easily on to a belt or a strap and is a pretty convenient accessory you could use when you travel with your iPhone 6 everyday.
6ft Braided Awesome Cable
The Braided cable is made from a super durable and water resistant nylon fabric that encases that entire cable from USB to lightning tip. It is sure to reach your outlet and provide you with the most comfortable charging experience.

What Do You Know about iPhone 6?

You want an IPHONE 6 SHOCKPROOF CASE? What do you want iPhone 6 look like? How much budget are you planning for an iPhone 6? An iPhone 6 can be genuinely better that iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 etc. but also chances that worse. So many people pay attentions for the iPhone 6 that there are some rumors about it. Here I tell you some opinion about these rumors.
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About the Outside Look: Does iPhone 6 have a 4.8 inch Display?
Yesterday, a new report said Apple had a plan for a 4.8-inch iPhone 'Math' also called iPhone 6 but might this be a hint? According to some rumors, Apple is going to launch iPhone 5S in June or July and a cheaper new version iPhone-iPhone6 in September this year.
According to Commercial Times, Apple also intends launching iPhone 6 with a 4.8-inch display, which it claims is called the 'IPAD CASE Math'. It also mentioned that Apple is already booking components from suppliers for the iPhone 6.
What do you think about this news? iPhone 6 is also iPhone Math? How does it make sense? An iPhone mini or nano makes sense as a name for the new iPhone; as does an iPhone Pro, but what exactly is an iPhone Math? It makes no sense at all. What's more, I can't believe that Apple will release a new iPhone with as unattractive a name as "IPAD 4 CASE".
About the 4.8-inch display rumor, some argues that Apple doesn't usually follow what other firms do: even though larger screen smartphones are getting more and more popular, it doesn't mean Apple will follow the trend.
If iPhone 6 upgrades to a 4.8-inch display, it requires developers to tweak their apps for the new screen size. That's reason enough for us to negate the rumor.
iPhone 6's Release Date: When will It Come Out Exactly?
As we all know that, Apple only launchs an iPhone once a year, so does iPad. It's worth pointing out that no one had predicted the introduction of a new iPad alongside the launch of the iPad mini last year. iPad min came out just six months after the release of "the new iPad" earlier in 2012.
This implies that Apple has no problem speeding up the release schedule for its product no matter iPad or iPhone. So, it makes sense that the rumor said Apple would lauch an iPhone 5S in June or July and an iPhone 6 in September in 2013.
In the world of rumor, there is no truth. While it currently seems possible Apple might reveal an iPhone 5S this year, that possibility isn't true until it actually reveals something.
Tip for Those Who Have an iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS: You May be Interested in
Are you already one of the billions of iPhone users? Do you enjoy your phone? Have you accidentally deleted some precious photos on your iPhone and being anxious to get them back? After the iOS update, maybe you lost important photos, contacts, text messages and have no backup before update, can you restrieve the missing items? Due to some reason you have to restore your iPhone into factory settings and all your contents were erased, any way to recover data from iPhone after factory restore?
Definitely, you can! iPhone data recovery fits your need to recover iPhone data you deleted or lost including photos, contacts, messages, call history, calendars, notes, and voice memos. It supports data recovery for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS.
Check out this tutorial for iPhone data recovery: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T7I9R0K

Some major features of iPhone 6

IPHONE 6 SHOCKPROOF CASE is a series of smart phone, designed by apple inc . The name of first iPhone was announced on 9th January 2007 by Steve jobs during the MacWorld key note. The work on iphone is started on 2004 which was called as "project purple" and was a fruit of collaboration between Apple and AT&T. The releasing date of first iPhone is 29th June 2007.After that Apple has released new phone every year like iPhone 3G in July 2008, iPhone 3GS in June 2009, iPhone 4 in June 2010, iPhone 4S in October 2011 and iPhone 5 in September 2012.Now Apple think to launch its new phone iPhone 6 ,it may be launched on next year June 2014.while everybody is busy in CDMA iPhone and iPhone 5,the designer already work on a concept design for iPhone 6.The features available in iPhone 6 are-
Some of the Coolest iPhone 6 Accessories That Stand Out As Fancy Gadgets For Your Newly Bought IPAD CASE
What Do You Know about iPhone 6?
IPhone 6 or iPhone 5?
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IPhone 6 is likely to come with 128 GB of memory-:
The rumors are doing fast round in respect of iPhone 6 with information gather in bits and covered, Which the iPhone 6 fans are except in the sixth generation of iPhone series. As we know that Apple iPhone 5 come with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of memory space, Now Apple working with 64GB and 128GB memory storage capacity in iPhone 6.
IPhone 6 will be a projector phone-:
There is a greater possibility that iphone 6 shall have innovative projector integration facility of Pico projector on iPhone 6 device. Which act as a very handly device with everything ready and carried in the pocket by the owner to project a video presentation to the audience without any requirements.
IPhone 6 come with larger display IPAD 4 CASE as compared to other iphone models-:
As compared to all other iphone series, the iPhone 6 comes with a larger and wide screen. As such iPhone 5 has 4 inch display screen so that we are expecting that iPhone come with 4.5inch or 5 inch screen.
A7 chip may be used in apple IPhone 6-:
As we know iPhone 5 come with A6 chip processor, so in Iphone 6,Apple upgrade their processor to A7 chip with is most fast and quicker.
IPhone 6 to emerge from single block of metal-:
Apple loves to create beautiful things, things that is so beautiful that we hardly imagine and if possible. The best example of creativity of Apple are iPods and iPhones.The iPhone 6 is come with a single piece of metal which will be thinner and lighter from all devices made by other companies.
Swype "chatting" with apple is possible for iPhone 6-:
IPhone user have awaited to the keyboard interface in ios. Apple adopt swipe function in their iphone 6 phone. Now we can type like line drawing pattern way.


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