Sophie Marceau and Christopher Lambert

“The most tragic woman is not to grow old, but in the marriage and the self lost in ordinary life. A woman can aging, but it must be elegant to death, the marriage will not be allowed to kill a woman to lose their luster.” – Sophie Marceau, this not a happy marriage as long as 45-year-old woman said.
Sophie Marceau
Many years ago, the famous French actress Sophie Marceau has been an autobiographical novel of “lying woman”, its sincerity and frankness make the world stare. She lives in a three-passion of love, but so far, she and her boyfriend still says: “I do not need or marriage, I just happiness.” If there is love, and happiness, have children, why need marriage?
Sophie Marceau was born in Paris suburbs, Sophie’s father was a truck driver and his mother was a clerk. They divorced when Sophie was nine, leaving her only memory of the fear of marriage. Perhaps it was because their parents failed marriage, only to lose confidence in the marriage Sophie.

Sophie Marceau is still single, she and a 18 years old than her 24-year-old Polish director Andrzej Zulawski living together in Paris for 15 years. Although the two fall in love, but always quarreling. • Sophie Marceau once said: I am afraid to marry the Prince of Monaco and Andrea • Zula Chomsky than living together easier. In fact, this “is not easy,” she asked for it. She felt, and an elderly man living with a lot of advantages, “he was more interested in others, su
bject to fewer constraints and more thinking.” They communicate with each other, complement each other, love does make people a better .
Sophie Marceau and her first boyfriend
July 24, 1995, Sophie Marceau gave birth to her first child, a boy named Vincentem. Their son was born, the family appear to be more warm, and it can not allow the couple to avoid breaking up. So before long, Andrea picked up the guide tube again, but Sophie has left the warm house.
First boyfriend and son
Sophie’s second boyfriend is the  U.S. producer, ICON’s Vice President, Jim Lemley, he has a black and with gray hair, forty years old, looks handsome. But this relationship has lasted less than four years, they are now breaking up, but gave birth to a daughter named Juliette.
Second boyfriend and daughter
Sophie’s current boyfriend is older than her 9-year-old Hollywood actor Christopher Lambert, in 2009 the two co-starred in “man’s bedside.” He wore a high degree of myopia glasses, his face slightly pale and uninhibited with a nervous, he had two failed marriages, he said: “I more fear of marriage, I asked Sophie, she needs to do the marriage, she said no, she was just happy. ”
Now boyfriend
Although the attitude to marriage is full of ambiguous Sophie Marceau , but the child, but it is the spirit of her long life, one of the pillars. She and her life before the two men have one son and a daughter, on the child, Sophie Marceau • has too many feelings and experiences. She constantly calls the whole world-a woman, have the opportunity to become a mother, because when a mother, know how to love and protect the child, to make themselves stronger. Only been a mother to become a real woman. As for the education of their children, Sophie has his own opinion, also a mother, she said, “I will explain all the children, the world’s people, not always with him many questions, I always encourage them to speak.”
With delicate features and elegance of the French woman, and many, in contrast to Sophie Marceau • Even more admirable is her wisdom. Love to think her character has for all things have their own views, she believes that the 20th century, the biggest mistake is that people abandoned the right values​​, which she has her own set of values​​, she saw the spiritual content, rather than physical level on the rich. As for the relationship between people, she thinks we should respect others understand others, rather than to the trading relationship between the people concerned.

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