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I'll just go right ahead and say this: Kevin Spacey is phenomenal. His portrayal of a serial killer is perhaps the best I've seen. He was only on screen towards the end of the film, but for me personally, he stole the movie. John Doe's eerily slow way of speaking (unless agitated) and his blank, vacant stare will more or less linger in the audience's minds for a while. I've not seen much of Spacey, only in this and "L.A. Confidential", which got me interested in him, but John Doe has made me a fan. He is amazing, and easily surpasses the two leads, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

"Se7en" is definitely one of the most intense, disgusting and intriguing thriller I've seen for a long time. Unlike recent thrillers ("The Bone Collector" instantly springs to mind), it features a killer whose motive murder is believable and understandable, and not completely laughable like "The Bone Collector". He's a man who appears to be as ordinary as the next person, someone whom you wouldn't look at twice on the streets, but underneath that exterior lies a dark side. The film can be looked at an exploration of the darker side of the human mind (which is also what "8MM" did, and it should only make sense, as it is written by the same person), and John Doe is the right person to pick. Throughout history we have seen people like him, the most obvious being Jack the Ripper. For those who are interested, the character of John Doe is able to shed some light on the inner workings of some serial killers and their lines of thought. As twisted and sick as it may be, at least then one'd be able to understand.

Morgan Freeman gave a good performance, but Brad Pitt annoyed me half the time. I liked him a whole lot better in "12 Monkeys" and "Interview With the Vampire". Gwyneth Paltrow...is not an actress I like. Hell, I'm being generous already calling her an actress. Since her character is crucial to the plot, I will just forget I've ever seen her in the movie.

Andrew Kevin Smith is extremely creative, pure and simple. The victims of envy and wrath was just brilliant. I admire him a lot for being able to think of that; it was totally unexpected, and when John Doe utters "become wrath", I felt this intense chill which can only be interpreted as admiration for the writer on my part. The setting, music, lighting, and basically the entire atmosphere of the film fit the tone of the movie perfectly. Some scenes in "Se7en" made me sick to my stomach (rotting and talking corpses, anyone?), but in a movie that deals with a theme like that, those scenes become necessary.

Definitely watch "Se7en", if it's only to witness Spacey's brilliant performance. An amazing thriller.


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Just kidding, I rented 12 Monkeys the other day because I am a huge Bruce Willis fan and I heard some things about the film. Some good and some bad, but it was one of those films you had to pay attention to every second, so I was a bit worried. Just because I felt like for a minute if this was going to be one of those films that I had to watch several times to get. But I watched it last night and I was really impressed, this movie had everything in it: action, drama, sci-fi, history, dark humor, and even a little romance. The actors all did a terrific job, I give a lot of credit to Bruce, during his scene in the car with his psychiatrist, he really got to me. But Brad Pitt, I'm just amazed with how much of a great job he did. He didn't over do his character, who was crazy, and just made it work and was extremely believable. The story was just scary, but very good and a wake up call.

James Cole is a man in the future where a virus broke out in the past and killed 5 billion people and only 1% of the population survived including him. Animals are now ruling the ground above while the humans are down below, but scientists send James to the past of 1990(really meaning to send him to '96), to find out about information of the virus. James gets put into a mental institution meeting his new psychiatrist, Dr. Kathryn Raily and another mental patient, Jeffrey Goines. He tells them the future, of course no one believes him, he goes back to the future. But the scientists send him back to the correct year to where the doctor is kidnapped by James, but he tells her more, and believes him. Now they are set on trying to prevent the virus from ever happening.

12 Monkeys was an incredible film. Like I said the story was so scary just because it's not at all hard to believe that we are not far from that happening. But the whole movie was just great, the cast, the sets, just the whole picture was a great one. It had a Terminator type of feel to it where we might loose something precious one day, ourselves if we don't listen to others. What is right and what is wrong? Who knows? But I would highly recommend 12 Monkeys, it's a great movie that if you give it the proper chance, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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The tag line, "How did they ever make a movie of Lolita?" seems appropriate because, in short, the answer is that they didn't. Kubrick, for all his touted genius, didn't come close to capturing the book on film. It hardly seems to have much to do with Nabokov at all, instead being off the subject and its own unique creature. Although some films can (and should) be viewed as divorced from their source material, I find it difficult to regard this production without comparing it to Nabokov's creation. I wonder why Kubrick interpreted it this way. Putting aside the possible controversy a faithful adaptation may have caused, Kubrick chose to emphasize the satirical elements and update it to 1960s culture. Of course, Lolita is aged a few years to make the relationship less shocking. As played by Sue Lyon (who looks much older), she comes off as a typical '60s teeny-bopper heroine. Kubrick seems to want to parody other movies of this period and the activities of that society and set. The music here is atrocious, especially the annoying love theme, which resembles swinging go-go music of the era.

The story wanders all over the place, hardly devoting enough time to central relationship between Humbert Humbert and Lolita. The plot is slight and unfocused, preferring to diverge off into subplots that distract from the main story and themes. When the occasional scene does follow the book (many occur in a strange, seemingly random-chosen fashion), it appears almost jarringly out of place with the rest of the action. By incorporating too many elements of diffuse black humor, the comic and poignant obsession angle is considerably diluted. The film is also hampered by poor performances by all the major players save Peter Sellers. James Mason is especially weak as Humbert, Shelley Winters is unequivocally annoying, and Sue Lyon is a completely uninteresting disappointment. Sellers' character of Quilty is allowed to dominate the movie so much, I questioned whether this was supposed to be his story. The Quilty character, which was essentially a minor through pervasive presence in the novel, is brought to the forefront here, and Sellers improvises wildly to create a particularly overshadowing creep. As a movie on its own, perhaps the Kubrick version works on some level, but it fails as an adaptation of Nabokov's novel.

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A delicious, adult meditation on youth, obsession and sex

This film remains my all-time favorite. It's a delicious, adult meditation on youth, obsession and sex. While not entirely faithful to the novel, it captures the book's spirit and is nonetheless a masterpiece on its own terms. To fully appreciate what Kubrick has done, compare this version to Adrian Lyne's anemic remake.

Kubrick chose his cast wisely for the most part. James Mason conveys both the tormented inner soul and the outwardly polite gentleman with such charm that you simply can't despise him for his treachery. Shelley Winters was never better as the shrill, man-hungry shrew. Sue Lyon is enormously credible in a complex role - physically attractive, childish at times in her behavior, but quietly calculating and manipulative. The weakest link is Peter Sellers, who Kubrick found amusing enough to let him run on too long. Sellers was a brilliant performer, but just not right for this film. As Quilty, he's fine. When masquerading as others, he's mostly intrusive and tends to alter the tone of what's going on.

The need to tread carefully around the censors in 1962 actually works in the film's favor. There's a sophisticated subtlety that counterbalances the lurid subject matter. In fact, I even prefer the edited-for-television version of the scene in which Humbert and Lolita first have sex. Here she merely whispers in his ear before a suggestive fade-out. In the complete version of the film, the scene continues with them discussing a silly game played at summer camp. The less said, the better.

"Lolita" has aged remarkably well. Its topic is relevant today, and the careful craftsmanship that went into this production holds up beautifully. I think it's Kubrick's best film - they tended to get more self-indulgent as time went on. This one's a gem. Not to be overlooked are the aptly provocative title sequence and Nelson Riddle's luscious piano score.

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This woman’s success anecdote may seem like a fairy anecdote links of london necklaces, for Oprah Winfrey is now one of the most well known and influential women in the world. However Oprah would recognize that her tragic childhood experiences have aided her remain true to her commitment to persevere and aim for excellence.
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Oprah is one of many samples of human who overcame the outtakes of their life and did not grant the odds to menace them. Just for performers learn from their mistakes and use them to improve their performance, so can we use our outtakes to enhance our lives.
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Humorous, disturbing, and everything in between

I think Stanley Kubrick was the only director who had any ideas of how to tackle a film version of Lolita. I also believe that he was the only director who could have succeeded, and I believe he did succeed. This film was everything I could have expected it to be, and maybe even a little more.

Shelley Winters' performance was wonderful! James Mason delivered a strong effort in a very difficult part to play. Peter Sellers was Peter Sellers, four or five times throughout the movie, but that's Peter Sellers, and that's why I am really starting to admire his work. The real surprise performance in this movie, however, came from Sue Lyon in the title role. Her intensity was incredible. She seemed perfectly natural as a teenage girl enjoying the attention of older men, or just men in general. You could really see the wheels turning in her head as she schemed her way from one situation to the other. Some have criticized that her Lolita was "too old" in comparison to the novel's Lolita. One could make that judgment, however, what twelve year old actress would have been able to provide the emotional depth required for the part? Let's face it, in literary adaptations, some license must be allowed. All in all, I thought it was a very good movie, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the work of Stanley Kubrick and/or Peter Sellers.

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We're Still Waiting For Boyle's Masterwork

First of all the trailer is slightly misleading . It seems similar to THE BEACH where some American dude teams up with a couple of hot chicks and does some seriously partying . Thankfully the film deviates away the marketing and concentrates on Ralston's trauma of being trapped . You're left thinking this is for the best since Ralston come across a little bit too sure of himself , a little bit too smart and a little too popular with hot chicks to get the audience entirely on his side so Boyle and screenwriter Simon Beauefoy deservesome credit in to making him something of an everyman who has dreams , ambitions and family

This approach works well but the problem with the movie is that the whole premise doesn't comfortably lend itself to commercial film making . It's not an entirely involving film because the audience know the out come of the story and because the protagonist is on his own there's little dialogue and the story telling is done via obvious flashbacks to Ralston's life . The Discovery Channel does countless documentaries on these type of stories but they're rare in cinema and there might be a very obvious reason for this . There's two ways at looking at this

1 ) Boyle deserves congratulations for making an uncinematic film

2 ) The film fails because it is uncinematic

The first view is totally valid but unfortunately so is the second point to a large extent

As you might expect from Boyle it's impressive on a technical level with outstanding cinematography , editing and sound , though some people may quickly get fed up with the split screen technique . James Franco is impressive as Ralston and will certainly get an Oscar nomination but 127 HOURS will be one of the bridesmaids at the award season where THE KINGS SPEECH , BLACK SWAN and THE SOCIAL NETWORK will dominate while Boyle fans look forward to his next project

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